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Weavtober 2019 : Let’s Weave Something New!
Posted on: 30 Sep, 2019
weavtober 2019 Fibers and Design



Daily Weaving with Weavtober!

Need a weaving kick start? Then, join Weavtober!

If you have followed my Daily Studio Vlogs, you may have noticed that I am excited about being creative again, and I think that a fun project will help keep my to task. I hope that I can keep up with this project, Weavtober.

Here are the guidelines for Weavetober:

Weavtober guidelines:

  1. Time limit : max 2 hours (this is a brisk exercise – don’t let this stress you, just relax and have fun)
  2. Daily weaving- measurements : max 3inches X 3 inches
  3. Follow the Weavtober Calendar
  4. Share using the Weavtober hashtag : #weavtober
  5. Have fun and experiment!

Instructions to Weavtober


The Weavtober schedule is divided into four sections: technique/pattern, color, material/yarn size, and focus.

Here is a breakdown of each section and how to complete the tasks using the task requirements for Day 1:


Square: Create a pattern that includes squares. You can include other shapes, but try creating a design that focuses more on the square.


Green: Use as many colors as you like, but green(s) should be the color point of this design. You can include other colors, but try creating a design that shows off the color goal.

Material/yarn size:

Thin: A variety of yarn thickness will add visual interests to your weaving, so try using a variety of them. With that in mind, try using thin yarn to develop your design.


Color: Each day has a different focus for weaving. This should be the overall focus of that day’s weaving section.


Loom Preparations

For Weavtober, I plan on preparing my frame loom with warp spaced out at .25 inches X 3 inches (W) and the length will be a long as my frame. As the weeks go on, I will either remove the warp or add new  warp next to the woven pieces.

I don’t want this project to turn into a project of labor, rather a creative tool to get the creative juices flowing.

So, if at any time I or you feel like the amount of weaving is too much, then we are free to reduce the amount of space or frequency of the project.

I hope this inspires you to get creative and try some new things while weaving.  


Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in Weavtober!



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