How to weave circles and other shapes?

Shape Weaving Guide

I hope that you have been having a great time weaving. Once you get used to the patterns and using the loom, it becomes a lot easier to relax and get creative!

In order to learn how to weave shapes, you must have a basic understanding of plain weave. (You can learn how to plain weave here on this previous post,

As you add shapes between your woven patterns and changing colors this is tapestry weaving. You will need to know how to change colors or continue and stop patterns. To do so, you will need to know how to do one of these methods:

-weft interlocking which get rid of gaps in your weaving ( A tutorial can be found here: Weft Interlocking: Weaving Techniques)

-warp interlocking weaves both weft yarns and the warp together. (A tutorial can be found here: Warp Interlocking: Weaving Techniques)

-leave a gap between weft yarns by weaving slits ( A tutorial can be found here: Weave Slits: Weaving Techniques)

How to weave a circle?

Weaving a circle takes practice to develop the type of curve appearance you desire. A woven circle can appear curved with crispy edges, or more geometric with boxy edges- but one thing is for sure, it takes a lot of practice to create the circle appearance that you want.

There are 2 methods that I follow in this tutorial: cutting out a circular form or drawing a circle template on paper and following it.

View the entire tutorial here on the blog.

weaving shapes circles

How to weave a rectangle?

Rectangles are as simple as plain weave and can be adjusted into a square or other shape.

In this tutorial, I will show you step by step how to weave a rectangle.

weaving shapes rectangle

How to weave a triangle?

Once you learn how to weave a triangle, you can add them as a border or create a pattern by rotating them and playing with their size.

Learn how to build triangles in this tutorial.

weaving shapes triangle


Adding shapes and images adds design, color and movement to your weaving. Experimenting with size, color and texture of the shapes can also bring the images to life.

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