Weaving Tutorials

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How to Start Weaving | 9 Steps to Start Weaving

In this beginner weaver tutorial, learn how to start a weaving on the loom. Learn the key steps to take before starting a weave on a loom.

Weaving with Denim: Weaving Techniques

In this DIY tutorial, learn how to recycle old jeans and up cycle them into denim yarn.

Round Weaving Loom Tutorial

Learn how to circle weave and make your own affordable cardboard round loom! Here I’ve also outlined and explained circle weaving mistakes (so that you can avoid them!).

Double warping frame loom: Weaving Techniques

Learn how to warp a frame loom with the double warp techniques. In this tutorial I use a Sostrene Grenes webstuhl weaving frame loom to show these two techniques to start weaving with higher density!


Practice weaving lines with beginner techniques!

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