Weaving guides





weaving PAtterns guide

In the Weaving Patterns Guide learn 6 beginner friendly patterns. Learn from the basic plain weave, or tabby weave, pattern to weaving loops and braid texture with the pile weave or soumak pattern.

weaving techniques guide

In the Weaving Techniques Guide learn 4 basic weaving techniques. Learn how to join woven sections together with warp and weft interlocking methods; as well as the slit weaving method to create smooth and clean lines between woven sections.

weaving shapes guide

In the Weaving Shapes Guide learn how to create 3 differnent shapes in various ways. Learn how to form geometric shapes on the loom- weave circles, triangles and rectangles.

weaving Color guide

In the Weaving Color Guide learn how to use color gradation techniques with 3 different weaving patterns. Add color and texture to your weaving project.