Weaving Tutorials

Patterns and Techniques Tutorials

How to weave horizontal stripes and lines | weaving lines on the loom

Learn how to weave horizontal stripe or lines on the loom.

How to Weave Organic Shapes Tutorial

Learn how to weave organic shapes in this weaving for beginners tutorial. Weaving organic shapes adds shapes, color and texture to weaving!

How to Start Weaving | 9 Steps to Start Weaving

In this beginner weaver tutorial, learn how to start a weaving on the loom. Learn the key steps to take before starting a weave on a loom.

6 Ways to Weave with Wool Roving | Weaving Texture Technique

Learn 6 ways to weave with roving in this beginner weaver tutorial. You can use these weaving techniques in your own woven wall hanging to weave texture and color!


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