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The Side By Side Weaving: Lines and Density eBook is a 170 page practice workbook perfect for beginner weavers on a frame loom. The ebook includes four weaving projects in tapestry weaving. Each project is divided into several sections that target beginner friendly techniques. As each section is completed, the design is further woven and you develop your skills through practice. This ebook is a clickable PDF file that allows you to move around to other pages easily. You can access the book file right after purchase.

Use this ebook as a companion or as a second step to the tutorials on the Fibers and Design website. Learn more about the ebook in the video and FAQ's section below.

Not ready yet to try to the ebook? Learn the basics in Fibers and Design's  Beginner Weaver Guide to Weaving on a Frame Loom >>


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Ebook FAQ

What skill level is this book for?

Side By Side Weaving: Lines and Density is an ebook for beginner weavers who have general knowledge in weaving terminology and loom parts and function; the weaver should also be able to handle working on a frame loom on their own.

If you are a total beginner to weaving this book could be a helpful resource for you. Beginner-friendly techniques are taught step by step with clear written instruction. Each project is divided into several sections, therefore easy to follow. I would recommend referring to the video tutorials on the Fibers and Design website while using the ebook for further explanations.

What skills are focused on in this ebook?

Basic weaving techniques, such as weft interlocking, warp interlocking and slit weaving, are practiced through the exercises in this ebook. Exercises in density, line appearance and structure are also included.

What kind of loom is used in this ebook?

The loom used in the Side by Side Weaving ebook is a DIY frame loom made from a canvas frame (dimensions: 16 in x 11.5in). Alternatively, you can use your own lap loom, frame loom, or DIY loom. 

How long does each project take to complete?

Take your time creating each project. The project is the end result of all the practice sections. I recommend weaving a few sections a day and not overdo it. The goal of this ebook is to practice techniques and develop your skills.

Will there be a video for this book?

At the moment a video is not included with the book.

Perhaps in the future a video class will be made for this book.

My “Side by Side” Concept


As I was creating this book, my goal was to create a resource that helps beginner weavers build their skills and create something that they can be proud of.

I like to call this ebook a workbook because its exercises focus on practicing and developing beginner techniques. Targeting and practicing basic skills will give you a strong base to continue building from in your own weaving projects. Basic weaving techniques, such as warp and weft interlocking, are practiced in this ebook, as well as weaving lines, creating and using tapestry cartoons, and learning about the effects of warp spacing on a design. 

The Side by Side Weaving ebook guides students in weaving two panels side by side to create one project. Each panel is woven using different warp spacing. The purpose of this is for beginners to easily examine and compare the differences in texture, line appearance and structure of each panel. Beginner weavers can gain a better understanding of how these elements interact and effect each other on the loom with my side by side weaving concept. 

I hope that you enjoy weaving on the loom with this ebook,

Happy Weaving!

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You can post your progress online while weaving the projects and completed projects. If you do share your progress, please credit Fibers and Design. 

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