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About Me

I am the artist and one-woman show behind Fibers and Design. I enjoy weaving and teaching others about fiber arts. You can find more of my artwork and creative process here:



Instructor and artist

I enjoy creating art with lots of texture and color. I was formally introduced to weaving in university, but as a child I would weave pine needles to create jewelry.


I am a big believer in “using what you got”. If you can make it with the materials you already have, then just go for it. It is important for me to make art accessible and share one of my favorite art forms.

Creating Fibers and Design on my own has helped move me into a more creative life that I can share and connect with others. Thank you for bringing me along on your creative journey.




fibers and design

Fibers and Design aims to teach artists of all levels and the fiber curious about weaving and other fiber art, by diving deep into techniques and beginner fundamentals for creating  strong pieces of art.

Through video and written tutorials, you will learn foundation skills needed to begin creating on your own. I encourage my students to create without stress, and just have fun! Learning something new takes time and patience. 


Everyday exercise your creative muscle and grow as an artist!

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