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How to weave horizontal stripes and lines | weaving lines on the loom
Posted on: 25 May, 2021
weave stripes and lines on the loon

How to weave horizontal lines and stripes tutorial



Learn how to weave horizontal lines, or stripes, in weaving in this beginner friendly weaving tutorial. Weaving lines is a great way to add direction and composition to weaving. This beginner friendly weaving tutorial.

The plain weave pattern is used throughout the entire tutorial. For a full tutorial on the plain weave pattern, read Plain Weave: Basic Weaving Patterns for Beginners

The warp has already been added to the loom.  For a full tutorial on dressing the loom, read How to Start Weaving.


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In this tutorial, you will learn:

how to weave horizontal lines

how to weave horizontal stripes

Materials needed:

tapestry needle

weft yarn color 1 – (Ivory)

weft yarn color 2 – (Patina)

Step 1: Weave weft string 1 through a section of warp. 

Weave the row in the section of that you wish to create the design in. It can be the entire width of the warp or just a small section. 

Step 2: Weave another row with weft 1. Now the first horizontal line (or stripe) has been woven.

This section should be the same length as the previous row. 

Step 3: Move weft 1 out of the way.

Weaving with two different colors will keep you from mixinging up the weft strings and their order. Once the second row is woven keep the string to the side of the warp.

Step 4: Weave weft string 2 through the same section of warp.

To continue the striped design in the same section weave weft string 2 over the previously woven section.

Step 5: Weave another row with weft string 2.  Now the second horizontal line (or stripe) has been woven.

This section should be the same length as the previous row.

Step 6: Move weft string 2 out of the way.

Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 until you have reached the end of the design. Once complete, the woven design will have several horizontal lines (or stripes).

As each row is woven the stripe pattern will appear. This pattern can be used to create stripes with various other colors and used to blend colors on the loom. 


In this tutorial you learned how to weave horizontal stripes. Learn how to use horizontal stripes to blend shape and colors in weaving in this tutorial, How to blend colors in weaving?.


Happy Weaving!


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