2.Dressing the loom

“Dressing the loom” is a phrase used to describe the process of putting warp onto the loom. It is usually a very long process that is important to do correctly to insure the integrity of the weaving.


Understanding density and warp spacing

Before adding the warp to the loom, you should decide how far apart to space the warp apart.

Find out more about density and warp spacing here: Weaving Warp Spacing: EPI low density and high density.


Setting up the loom

Learn now to start weaving after dressing the loom, in a full tutorial, How to Weave? Weaving for Beginners in 5 Steps.

Double warping

Sometimes you need more yarn on the warp, but the loom does not have enough tabs or nails. No problem, here is how you can add more yarn ends. Read further: Double warping frame loom: Weaving Techniques