How to weave a triangle?

Weaving Shapes on the Loom Guide


In thisGuide you will learn how to weave triangle. For a full list of shapes included, you can check out this post: Weaving Shapes on the Loom Guide. 

Now, let’s add some shapes to your weaving!


Triangle Weaving Tutorial

Step 1: Decide the dimensions and direction of the triangle.

In this example, the base of this triangle is 17 warp yarns long and 24 weft yarns rows of high.

Step 2: Weave a few rows of plain weave for the base of the triangle. Tuck the yarn tail into the first warp yarn of the first row of weft.

Step 3: Weave up the weft 3 rows. Be sure to catch the last warp yarn and continue to the next row.

weaving shapes triangle

Step 4: Once the 3 rows are complete, weave the next row. At the end of the new row, you will finish on the second to the last warp yarn on each side of the triangle. This will create a triangle shape.

weaving shapes triangle

Step 5: Continue steps 2 and 3 until you have reached your desired triangle height.

Between the surrounding warp yarns, build up the weft with an interlocking method. You can find the full tutorial here on this blog post.

weaving shapes triangle

weaving shapes triangle weaving shapes triangle

Step 6: To finish the top of the triangle, weave the yarn tail into the previous row. Lift the final row up and with a tapestry needle weave the yarn tail under the last row. 

weaving shapes triangle

weaving shapes triangle

If you have space behind your loom, it can be easier to pull the tapestry needle through the back of the weaving.


Adding geometric shapes to weaving add color and pattern. I encourage you to practice with size and color to explore the possibilities.

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