The loom comb is a weaver’s good friend  that helps move the yarns to where they need to go.

What is a loom comb?

 A loom comb is a tool used to move the weft yarns into place. Of course you can use your hands to push the yarns down to the previous rows, but the density will not be even without a comb.

What is a loom comb made of?

There are a wide variety of loom combs from material, texture, and size. Weavers have their own preference and you should pick a loom comb that fits your weaving needs the best.

 Lomb combs are commonly made of wood, plastic and metal. There are large loom combs that have long handles as well as other that your grasp in your finger tips.

How do you use a loom comb?

Once a row of weft yarn is woven, the weaver takes the loom comb and beats the weft yarn down to the previous rows.

-Density and using a loom comb

The harder you beat the weft yarns down, the tighter the yarns will be against the others, thus a higher density.

The lighter you beat the yarns down the looser the pattern will be, thus lower density. The looser you beat the yarns down more of the warp yarns will be exposed.

In order to have balanced weaving you must beat the yarns at a consistent strength.

Can you make a loom comb?

You might have a loom comb in your home and not even realize it. I have two alternatives to buying a loom comb. First is a fork from the kitchen. The width between the teeth of the fork is narrow which gives more precision to beating the yarn. Second is a wide-toothcomb. I like using this alternative for thicker yarns and moving the yarns down evenly.


A loom comb is a staple tool used to make weaving faster but also more efficient. For a list of 10 essential weaving tools, check out this blog post

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