Frame Loom Beginner Weaving Guide

New to weaving on a frame loom? Then, you have come to the right place!

Here is a beginner guide to weaving on a frame loom. In this guide is a complete outline to basic terminology and techniques needed to get started and develop your skills.

Below are the following sections of this guide. Accompanied with these sections are written and full video tutorials.

1.Basic terminology and knowledge

Weft vs. Warp

There are two sets of yarn on the loom: the warp and the weft.

The warp is the yarn wrapped on the loom horizontally.

double warp frame loom tutorial Sostrene Grenes

The weft is the yarn that is woven between the warp vertically.

using stick shuttleWeaving Tools

There are a few basic weaving tools that all weavers should have.

  • tapestry needle
  • shed stick
  • loom comb
  • frame loom

In this blog post, I give my list for the TOP 10 weaving tools for beginners. 

Yarn for weaving

There are a variety of yarns and material that can be used for weaving. If you can manage the material on a loom form and weave them together, then use it.

There are various types of yarn to use for weaving. I like to categorize them into four main groups:

  • Man-made yarn (i.e. polyester, acrylic)
  • Natural yarn (from plants (i.e. bamboo, jute, and cotton) and animals (i.e. wool, cashmere)
  • Blended yarn (a mix of man-made and natural yarn)
  • Ethical and Ecofriendly yarn (the production of this yarn considers and protects the wellbeing of the animals and those creating the product)

As a weaver, you can decide what kinds of yarn are better for your project and lifestyle. You can find more information about yarn types on this blog post, What are the types of yarn?