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I am the artist and creator behind Fibers and Design. I enjoy weaving and teaching others about fiber arts. 

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Fibers and Design is my website that I share weaving tutorials and ideas to improve your weaving. I strive to provide content that is helpful for artists of all levels and fiber art enthusiasts to learn more about textile design. 

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Frequent beginner weaver questions answered

Is weaving difficult?

Weaving can be complicated at first, but once you learn the different parts and functions of the loom it will become easier.

I have writting simple and detailed weaving instructions in this post that will guide you in setting up your frame loom and give basic weaving techniques.

What material can you weave?

If you think it, you can weave it! Well, sort of – most material can be woven: metal wire, fishing wire, plastic, paper, plants, yarns… the list goes on and on. The important part to consider is how well the material can stay together. 

If you are interested in weaving yarn, I have compared various types of yarn in this post to give you an overview of the pros and cons of each yarn group. 

What is the best loom for weaving beginners?

When I first started weaving, I was instructed to build and use a simple wooden frame loom. This gave me a clear understanding of the basic parts of the loom. Once I had a good understanding of the loom functions, I then moved on to working on a large floor loom. 

I found this very helpful for me as a beginner weaver- therefore I have created two loom building tutorials with affordable materials.Here you can find a tutorial for building a wooden frame loom and here a cardboard loom.

Should I buy a loom if I do not have any experience weaving?

Weaving is a wonderful art form that can be done on various types of “looms”. I encourage new weavers to start with an affordable and easy to make looms- such as a frame loom, board loom or pin loom. 

I am not creative. Can I weave?

Anyone can weave- as long as you can image an idea, you can make it. Art takes practice and you must strengthen your creative muscles. With time your experience and skills will grow and improve.

Don’t get discourage if you can’t weave anything too fancy yet. At first just focus of learning the functions of the loom and keeping the warp straight and taut while weaving. 


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