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How to Start Weaving | 9 Steps to Start Weaving

In this beginner weaver tutorial, learn how to start a weaving on the loom. Learn the key steps to take before starting a weave on a loom.

10 Mistakes New Frame Loom Weavers Make: uneven edges, loose warp tension and more!

Learn how to solve 10 common problems that weavers face while working on a frame loom. Don’t worry- they come with solutions as well!

Weaving Warp Spacing: EPI low density and high density

Your weaving is considered to have low or high density depending on the combination of weaving warp spacing and the thickness of the yarns. Learn how it impacts your weaving here!

7 Ways to Finish Weaving

The weaving is off the loom and now you are ready to finish it for hanging or displaying. Here are 7 ways to finish the edges of the weaving.


Practice weaving lines with beginner techniques!

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